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Friday, 15 August 2008 20:00

If you live anywhere near Tucson in the summertime, it's a good bet you've got weeds.  I know I do!  It still amazes me that it can be so dry here in the desert, then we get one decent rain, and the darn things sprout overnight.  In great quantity.

I've learned that the way to control weeds is to treat the area chemically for weed pre-emersion.  This prevents most of the weeds from ever growing.  And the few that slip by can be controlled.  It must be repeated every 3-6 months depending upon the strength and quantity of herbicide used.  Follow the manufacturer's recommended application instructions.  Wear gloves and consider wearing a disposable respiratory mask while applying the chemical.  Make sure your legs and feet are covered, too.

A necessary gardening and weeding tool is the "hula hoe".  It's a double sided hoe that cuts through growing weeds and works well with the gravel and rock landscapes so many Tucsonans have.   If you start with lots of weeds, you'll probably have to go back and rake up the weeds that you unroot.

Many of the homeowners associations are strict in their efforts to control weeds within their subdivisions.   A yard full of weeds certainly is not attractive, and not fair to the other neighbors who make the effort to keep their yards looking nice and manicured.  Neat and trimmed yards add major curb appeal to properties, and help to maintain good property values.  If your house is on the market for sale, a weed-free yard is a must.  Consider adding some plants or flowers for color, texture and variety.

One last hint:  The best and easiest time to remove weeds is after a rain when the ground is still soft.  If pulling by hand, try to remove the whole root to prevent it from growing back after the next monsoon storm. 


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