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Jul 31, 2012
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There's much to see at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.    I've created a photo album from my visit last week.  Below is a link to my Facebook album.  I hope you enjoy it!
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Jul 30, 2012
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Last week while I had company in town we took a drive up Mt. Lemmon.  What a wonderful day it was!   As you start the climb up the 9,000+ ft mountain, you begin to leave the desert behind you.   You see the vegetation change from cactus to Arizona oak trees, and finally to the forest of pines and firs.  There are areas for picnicking, hiking, and camping.  
Below is the link to the photo album I have posted on Facebook.   Cut and paste it into your browser if you'd like to see some of the beautiful sights to be seen up on Mt. Lemmon.

When you get the chance, go up and see for yourself.  It's probably 20 degrees cooler up there!
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Jul 29, 2012
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Here are several rental homes currently available in Tucson:

3 Bedroom/2 bath in Midvale Park
Shady enclosed back yard, 2-car garage


3 Bedroom/2 bath near Pantano & Golf Links
Fully tiled throughout, 2-car garage
$995/month    *(Owner is licensed Broker in AZ)

2 Bedroom/1 bath near Pantano & 5th St.
Fully tiled throughout, carport, A/C
$895/month     *(Owner is licensed Broker in AZ)

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Jul 15, 2012
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Here are two new listings available August 1, 2012: 

1506 W. Kennington   (near Irvington & Midvale Park)
3 Bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2-car garage, A/C, fireplace
$925 per month
86 E. Corte Rancho Bonito, Sahuarita  (in Rancho Sahuarita)
4 Bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1,872 sq.ft., 2-car garage, nice back yard
Includes clubhouse and pool privileges
$1,250 per month
To arrange a showing, please contact me:     Pat @ (520) 548-2078  
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Jul 15, 2012
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Tucson's Real Estate Market is Changing


By Patricia Paul, Broker, Patricia Paul Properties. June 7, 2012

The real estate market in Tucson has been changing and shifting over the past several months. The year started off in a buyer's market with lots of homes to choose from, with houses that cost less than they had for a good number of years, and record low interest rates. Buyers offered less than asking prices, and requested that sellers covered their closing costs and other concessions. And they frequently got it all!

But as buyers started entering the market to take advantage of the favorable conditions, the number of homes for sale started decreasing. In a balanced market, there's usually 6 months worth of inventory. More months than that would favor buyers; less months than that would favor sellers. Over the last several months, Tucson's inventory (especially in the lower price ranges) has shrunk to less than 3 months worth.

Demand has grown while the supply has decreased. Buyers know that prices have been going up. In Tucson they've risen more than 11% since the start of the year. The competition among buyers has been tough; within days of a new listing, especially in the lower price ranges, there are frequently multiple offers received. Buyers now often must forego asking for closing cost assistance from the sellers, or more, and hope their offer will be the one selected.

Now it's important to be working with a REALTOR who has their finger on the pulse of the market. Whether a buyer or seller, understanding current market conditions is critical to negotiating to your best advantage. 
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Jun 28, 2012
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   As Tucsonans, we know it's inevitable.  We enjoy them, and at this time of year we anticipate them.  They represent a release from the oppressive heat that always preceeds them.  

     Today was a toasty 104 (though it felt hotter), and for the next 3 days they are predicting 107.  Cooling off to 97 degrees by the 4th of July.  And by then, the rains should start.  I think they most commonly begin on July 3rd.  Until then, my best advice is stay indoors as much as possible, and hydrate!
     For those of you who are new to the experience of monsoons, they are something to witness.  Some years have more and better storms than others, but they almost always are preceeded by strong winds, then thunder and lightning.  Lots of lightning.  And rain.  Torrential rain.    It is helpful to have flashlights and candles on hand in case the power goes out.
     The conditions usually build up throughout the afternoon and the storms occur in the late afternoon, just as all the workers are scrambling to get home.  Some of Tucson's streets still have poor drainage, and it's not uncommon for streets to be flooded.  When I moved to Tucson so long ago, many of the streets became temporary rivers.  
     Speaking of rivers... when you first come to Tucson and you drive across the bone-dry Rillito River you can't help but laugh.  But I have seen it flow bank-to-bank, and recall when part of an apartment complex slid off the adjacent hillside into the raging river.  Throughout the monsoon season you may see water in the river. 
     Which leads me to the fact that a number of washes and gulleys can become dangerous during monsoons.  You've probably heard of the term flash flood, and if you see flowing water crossing the roadway, do not attempt to cross it.  The depth can be deceptive.  Many have tried and failed.  So many, in fact, that Tucson had to pass a "Stupid Motorist" law to determine how to deal with these people.   Sadly, many years we lose people who get swept away and meet their demise.
      One of the benefits of monsoons is the incredibly beautiful sunsets they produce.  So when you see a storm coming, get to a place of shelter and wait for it to pass.  They usually blow through rather quickly.  And have a camera ready to capture the beauty.  These pictures were taken last year.

Stay high and dry!  And enjoy the monsoons this year!
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Jun 22, 2012
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Here are 2 great homes that are currently available for rent in the Tucson area.

3 Bedrooms/ 2 bathrooms near Wilmot/22nd St.
With a large screened-in back pation and big backyard
$900 per month

3 Bedrooms + Den/ 2 bathrooms in Sahuarita
No rear neighbors, ceiling fans, shade ramada
$1,025 per month
For more information, please contact:   
Patricia Paul, Broker ***  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ***  (520) 548-2078
= = =   Equal Housing Opportunity  = = =

Jun 07, 2012
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Here's a quick look at some of the rental homes that are currently available.   For more information, click on the "Home Rentals" tab on the toolbar.

6457 E. Calle Cappela

Near Wilmot & 22nd Street
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
$950 per month

9182 E. Sugar Sumac   - In Rita Ranch
Near Rita Rd and Athel Tree
3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Fireplace
Rent:   $1,100 per month

1342 W. Calle Libro Del Retrato  - In Sahuarita
Near La Canada and Duval Mine Rd
3 Bedrooms + Den, 2 Bathrooms
Rent:    $1,025 per month
For more information, give a call:   (520) 548-2078
= = =  Equal Housing Opportunity  = = =
Patricia Paul, Broker  *** Patricia Paul Properties  ***  (520) 548-2078

Jun 05, 2012
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New Listing!
Here is a brand new listing of a nice home on Tucson's eastside.  The home features:
   * 3 Bedrooms
   * 2 Bathrooms
   * 1,024 Square feet
   * 2-Car garage
   * Central A/C
   * Enclosed back yard
   * Mountain view
   * Great, affordable price:  $74,900!
   * Short sale; subject to lender's approval
This is sure to go fast!  Come see it before it disappears!
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May 30, 2012
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Here are some photos of the hummingbirds that nested under our covered patio.  The two babies have gotten really big for the nest.  The larger of the two birds has been testing his wings while in place, and it's only a matter of time before he flies off.  I predict within a day or two. 

This first picture shows the two babies (the last two on
the right), and the mother, on the left.

Here are the two babies.  The one on the left is larger and more advanced than the other one.

Here are the two siblings, back-to-back.

Sitting on the edge of the nest just a few days later.  Look how much they're grown!  The one on the left started testing his wings in the last couple days.


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