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I've been watching with horror, disbelief, and sadness the ongoing crises that have been occurring in Japan.  It is almost surreal.  First it started with a huge magnitude earthquake, which in itself was horribly devastating.  That was shortly followed by a massive tsunami which killed thousands and totally wiped out villages.   And then, when it's hard to believe things could get much worse for them, they've had to face the damage, destruction, and threatening meltdown of their nuclear power plants.
First, I acknowledge the Japanese people.  My heart is breaking for the grief and loss they are experiencing.  If I hadn't seen firsthand the videos of the force of that tsunami, I wouldn't believe it.  Cars, boats, and full homes being bashed around like miniture toys and carried away in water as far as the eye can see.  The deafening roar of the pounding and relentless wave as it ripped away everything in its path.  The shouts and cries of the horrified people as they scramble to try to get out of the path of the wall of water.  These images of this disaster are scorched on our brains, and will continue to haunt them and us.

Now they continue to struggle to resolve the numerous lethal situations occurring at their nuclear reactors, and to stem the escape of as much radioactive material as possible.  In the past week I have learned more about containment chambers, spent fuel rods, and millisieverts than I care to.  The brave nuclear plant workers have exposed themselves to beyond dangerous levels of radioactivity for the good of the other people, as they try to stop current and future catastrophes.  
At the time of this writing, there are 6,911 people known dead, and 10,316 remain missing.  I hope for the people of Japan that the disaster comes to a speedy end, so that they may begin to pick up the pieces, rebuild, and try to return to some acceptable form of life.    It will be a long and difficult road for them, but with our help and their stoic determination, I believe in time they will recover. 
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