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As a REALTOR I'm into a lot of homes. Time and time again I see people making mistakes in hanging pictures. I've decided some of you could use some help! Not to say there is only one correct way, but there are certain tips you should consider:

1. Don't Hang 'Em High. The most common mistake I see is people hang their pictures too high on the walls. They should be hung at eye level. (An average person's eye level; not yours if you're 6'4").
* If you hang a picture over a sofa, the bottom of the picture should be no more than 6" over the back of the sofa.

2. Fit the pictures to the size of the wall. Don't hang a tiny picture on a huge wall, or vice versa.

3. Groupings can be interesting. Groups can be three, four, or more pictures. Try to look for a comfortable balance in their arrangement. Just don't overdo it with way too many pictures.
4. Artwork can share themes, frames, or more. You can hang pictures that are similar or related, for example: With a botanical theme, you might have several different kinds of plants. Or, you can have pictures of things that are mostly unrelated, but all share a similar frame. You get the idea.

5. Test a picture arrangement with samples. Cut samples from brown paper grocery bags and place on the wall with a temporary adhesive to see how you like the arrangement before you start pounding nails. Stand back and look at the composition. Satisfied with it?

6. Level, level, level. Use one!

7. Alternative picture displaying. Other ways to display smaller pictures can be: using a various sized easel, or placed on a shelf in a bookcase, or on a free-floating display shelf.

So now you know! Go out there and have fun hanging some artwork where you live. It can add interest, relax, soothe, or comfort you. Happy hanging!

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