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Tucsonans have been grumbling lately about the huge number of potholes in our city streets.  It's true, there are more than usual.  I recently saw an employee of the Tucson Transportation Department on a local newscast who admitted there are roughly 111,612 potholes around town.  How did they arrive at that number?  They examined a stretch of Grant Road and counted 20 potholes for every lane mile.  Then they multiply by the number of lanes and the number of miles.  

This city employee said that if there were no other new potholes to be considered, it would take the road repair crews 2 years of working 5 days a week to get to all the potholes, at an expense of over $2,000,000.  Also, all the recent rainy weather has only been delaying the process.   So don't expect to see them all filled and repaired as soon as the weather becomes nice.

My best advice is to keep a bit more distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.  That way you may be able to spot one of the dreaded potholes early enough to actually avoid it. 

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