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Jul 19, 2009
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Here's a good one I read:  According to the Pew Research Center, the average American thinks one becomes an old person at the age of 68. 

I guess everything really is relative, because among those who were already 65, the thought was that old age began at 74.

For those under 30, the thought was that 60 was elderly. 

I still say..... being old is far better than the alternative!     :-)


Jul 10, 2009
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If you haven't already heard, I've got good news for you!  The huge I-10 expansion project from 29th Street up to Prince Road, that has been going on for the past couple years in Tucson, is making great progress.   As it stands now, unless the monsoons significantly interrupt their work, they should be finished approximately 8 months ahead of schedule.  Yippee!!!   That freeway and the poor highly used service drive  have been torn up for so long this will be a welcome accomplishment for Tucson and her visitors.  Have you taken a look at the work they have done?  I'm glad to see they are including some appealing designs, textures, and colors to the concrete work.  I imagine when the job is completed and landscaped it will look fabulous!

I recently drove home from Phoenix on I-10 and was surprised to see how much work had been done between the two cities.  They've added lanes and it is much more pleasant  now to make that drive.

There will be an official grand opening of the new 4th Avenue Underpass to take place on August 20.  This underpass links the downtown area with the eclectic 4th Avenue shopping district.   I can't wait to check it out.

Happy driving around Tucson!  Be kind to each other out there.

Patricia Paul, GRI       (520) 548-2078


Jun 22, 2009
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Today I had the good fortune to visit for the first time Antelope Canyon, in northern Arizona.  It's located near Page, on the Navajo Indian Reservation.  You must enter the canyon with a native American tour guide.   It's really quite an enchanted place.  The "Slot Canyons",  as they are called, have tall sandstone walls that have been weathered by flowing water over the years.  Light barely filters down to the canyon floors, and when it does, it's almost a spiritual experience. 

I had seen photographs of Antelope Canyon over the years and wanted to visit the place in person.   My sister, Fran, always loved photos of this place, too.  She wanted to see it in person, and unfortunately never will.   Fran passed away unexpectedly in February.  She was certainly in my thoughts today as I explored the canyon.  For those of you who have one of my personalized wall calendars, there is a photo of Antelope Canyon in there.  For those of you who do not, drop me an e-mail and I'll send you one.

I hope someday you will also be able to visit this special place.


Jun 21, 2009
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Aren't vacations wonderful?  This year, we packed up our motorhome, and hit the road.  It had been a grueling six months leading up to this, and we both decided we needed time to get away, relax, and deal with some of our recent issues. 

We headed north through Salt River Canyon up to the White Mountains.   After spending a couple days in Overgaard (west of Show Low), we headed up to Navajo country, passing through the ancient Hopi lands on the way.  

We made it to Page, Arizona, on the Arizona-Utah border and crossed over the Glen Canyon Dam.   We camped for a few nights at the Wahweep campground on Lake Powell.   Our two puppies had their first experience with a lake.  Jacob loved it, and ran with abandon.  Mimi, on the other hand, wasn't so sure.   She liked the cooling off part, but wasn't so sure about the water bit.  Oreo, the older dalmatian, is a water pro, and will happily swim after any Frisbee or tennis ball thrown for him.

We explored one of the southwest's most famous Slot Canyons,  Antelope Canyon, and tooks lots of photographs (for another blog entry).  It's a truly special place.

From here, the plan is to head to the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  We've been there before, but not for many years.  Something tells me it will not have changed at all; that maybe only I have.   I will keep you posted with blog entries as I have internet access.  Some of  these areas are pretty remote, but I'll be on the lookout for it. 

Hope you are having a good first part of summer.  Take time out to relax and take care of yourself. 


Jun 13, 2009
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If you want to sell your home, there are certain things you should do to prepare for it.  First, take a look at it with a critical eye, starting with the exterior and working your way inside the home.  Look for clutter or things that distract the eye of the beholder.  Ideally, all should look neat and tidy, and well cared for.  A buyer wants to buy a house that has been well maintained.

Outside, you want to create curb appeal.  Add some attractive plants or flowers to "prettify" the entrance.    Remove all weeds, trim any bushes or hedges, or here in Tucson, rake your gravel or dirt and freshen it up.  Any touch-up paint needed at the doorway?

Inside, a vase with fresh cut flowers can add a lot, too.  Clean is good.  Make the windows sparkle and the floors shine.  One trick is to reduce the amount of your possessions that you have been trying to display for years.  You don't want buyers to waste time looking at your life-long collections.  Instead, you want them to visualize their own things in your space. 

My rule here is:   Less is more!  By getting your rooms pared down to the bare minimum, they will appear larger.   It may require you removing some excess pieces of furniture, or boxing up some books or collectibles.  Take down personal photos or religious artwork.  Art work should be kept to a minimum, and should have wide appeal.  Hey, consider it a head start on the packing and moving phase.

You may want to have a home inspector come out and look at your home.  He can make a list of things in need of repair. (Cost: approximately $350.)  When a buyer decides they want to buy your home, they will pay to have an inspector examine it.  Isn't it better to know in advance what is wrong?  Most repairs can be performed inexpensively.  Or, if there is something seriously wrong, you can budget for it, or price your home accordingly.  Some contractors will perform work and wait to take their payment at the close of escrow.  Of course, if the sale falls through for any reason, you are still liable to pay!

You will also need a fabulous REALTOR (hint, hint).  I go out to my clients' homes and evaluate them, making suggestions as I go.  My experience allows me to see things that they might overlook.  I also explain the whole process to them, and let them know what to expect.  I also do the research to help determine the value of the home and to discuss pricing strategies.  I let my clients see how their home compares to competitive homes on the market.   And, I show my clients how I will market their property.  With more than 85% of all home buyers starting their search on the internet, it's important to capture that audience. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues you'd like to discuss.   Or, if you are ready to sell your home, I'd love to come talk to you about it.  Just give me a call.

Patricia Paul   *   (520) 548-2078


Jun 07, 2009
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Why is it that my closet that I have always complained about being so small, now seems interminably huge when I have decided to tackle it?   Could it be that there are literally years worth of clothing jam-packed within the walls?  Suits, dresses, and blouses I can't ever recall seeing before, along with some that I remember but would rather forget.

And the shoes!  I have never been a footwear fanatic.  So how have I managed to accumulate so darn many shoes?  I feel like I should wear a different pair every day.   But I don't;  I wear my tried and true favorites that are all broken in.   And the others sit in the closet gathering dust. 

How can it be that I have already removed three garbage bags full of clothing to be donated to charitable organizations, and yet there seems to be no appreciable difference in the over-crowding situation?

Laundry baskets seem to multiply in there.  The stack keeps getting taller.  Know what else I found in there?  All those missing socks whose mates have been lonely and waiting. 

I am pledging to myself and to you that I will continue thinning out this closet until I am finished.   Who knows what else I'll find!

06/14/09   Closet Update: 

I'm pleased to report that on Friday night I got to the bottom of the closet.   I was actually able to vacuum in there.  Oh, the dust was flying, all right!  But maybe if I got in there sooner, it wouldn't have been such a big job.  I did generate 6 or 7 bags of clothing and shoes to donate to a charitable organization.  And I feel better for having it cleaned and organized.  Maybe now I'll try to keep it that way!


Jun 06, 2009
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PBS is in the middle of their membership drive, and they have had some fantastic music programs on recently.  Earlier tonight they had a live concert of the Moody Blues.  They still sounded fantastic, and hearing the music again took me straight back to the 70's.   They had such a wealth of songs; all members of that band wrote songs. 

Now they're showing a concert with Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood, live from Madison Square Gardens.  What talent!  Their music still holds up today. 

A couple months ago I saw a film of an older program called " Roy Orbison and Friends."  A young Bruce Springsteen and other musical stars joined him in a really fabulous concert. 

This network also shows opera, ballet, symphonies, and other great performances, exposing the masses to the arts.

This is not your run-of-the-mill programming, folks.  Don't you get tired of the silly and mindless reality shows and sitcoms day after day on network TV?   I know I do!  Select PBS for some great alternative viewing. 


Jun 05, 2009
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Does anyone know what those beautiful purple flowering bushes are called, that are right in the height of their blooming right now?   They're not quite Texas Rangers, but sort of similar.  This plant's flowers are a much darker color, and the branches are longer and fairly symmetrical.    You frequently see them in commercial landscaping and boulevard medians.   They sure are stunning when they're in bloom!

I'll try to photograph one to add to this website.

If you can identify this bush, please write me!

May 26, 2009
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Hope you all had a fun Memorial Day weekend.  I hope you took some time to think about all the service men and women who gave their lives for their country, and about those currently serving in the Armed Forces.   They perform a necessary and dangerous job that many of us couldn't or wouldn't do.  I'm sure all Americans would join me in thanking them.

Memorial Day heralds the beginning of the summer season.  School is out, people are making plans for vacations,  it stays lighter longer, and the days have become warm.  I was thinking back to the family vacations we took when I was a kid.   Sometimes we took road trips.  We'd pack the family into the old station wagon and hit the road.  We grew up in Michigan, and we usually headed up north.  I remember playing games in the car during the drive; either looking for  different state license plates, or searching for a list of items to see how many we could find.  

I also remember waiting for it to get warm enough for us to run through the sprinklers.  We all had lawns back in Michigan, and it was fun.   I didn't know that it was the poor man's swimming pool, and frankly, I wouldn't have cared.  We had a good time, and that's all that mattered. 

For the past thirty years or so, I have lived in Tucson and love the desert.  But it sure gets hot, and I admit it's nice to escape to someplace cooler when I have the chance.  Now we head to the White Mountains in northern Arizona.  I hope to make it up there several times over the course of the summer.  Not only is the cooler weather pleasant, but the beautiful scenery and slower pace are also very attractive. 

Do you have a favorite memory of a summer vacation?  I encourage you to share it. 



May 14, 2009
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Have you noticed?  The saguaros around the Old Pueblo have begun to bloom.   The saguaro cacti we planted around our yard 25 years ago are developing flower buds at the top of the plant.    The saguaro blossom has white  waxy flowers with white or yellow centers.  It blooms at night, though you may see some open flower buds during daytime hours, too.    The bees like them.  The Saguaro Blossom is the State Flower of Arizona.  The flowers that get pollinated later produce red fruit.  It is sometimes used in making jelly or syup.  Local birds and critters also like to feast on them.   

Enjoy the display;  it should be going on for several more weeks.    Oh, by the way, how did you like the flowering Palo Verde trees?   Those lovely yellow trees put on such a display!  Springime in the desert is so beautiful!

Now would be a great time to take a drive through either one of the Saguaro National Parks. 



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