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May 09, 2009
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Today is a day to celebrate and honor mothers.   Mothers are really very special people.  Once they give birth to a child, they spend most of their lives teaching, guiding,  nurturing, and loving it. 

My mother, Carol, is a great person.   She has so many traits I admire.  She is warm, kind, compassionate, intelligent, sharp, stylish, knowledgable, resourceful,  fun, and loving.   And that's just for starters.  She raised six children and continues to actively play an important part in their lives.    She's amazing, and today, and all days, I salute her!  And I love her!

Do something nice for a mother in your life. 

May 08, 2009
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Hot has hit the Old Pueblo.  I was gone for the better part of last week on business, and while I was gone Tucson hit triple digit temperatures.  It's no surprise, really.  We know each year it will happen.  It used to be fun to see the " Ice Break"  contests predicting the first 100 degree moment of the year.  At least the temperatures will be in the low 100's this week.  We've still got a while before the really hot stuff.  Wonder how many days over 100 we average each year.  Guess I should research that one.  Right offhand, I'd guess somewhere around 20 - 25.  I'll get back to you on that one. 

I still say braving 100+ is much better than tolerating 25 degrees or less.  And the cold season elsewhere seems to last so much longer than our hot spell.   After all, the warm climate is what attracted me to Tucson to begin with. 

This week's forecast:

Sunday:  Sunny,  High 101, Low 65

Monday:  Mostly sunny, High 101, Low 66

Tuesday:  Sunny, High 101, Low 65

Wednesday:  Sunny, High 99, Low 63

Thursday:  Sunny, High 102, Low 67

Friday:  Mostly sunny, High 101, Low 66

Now, that's not too hard to take!



May 02, 2009
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If you're out and about this afternoon, why not stop by my Open House at 9075 E. 8th Street.  It's a lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on the east side, near Broadway and Gollob.  The home features a new A/C unit, dual-paned windows,  beautiful fireplace with impressive mantel piece.  The back yard is lovely with a huge ocotillo and mature trees.  An oasis!

Price reduced to:  $207,000.

Hours:  Sunday, May 3, 1:00 - 4:00




Apr 15, 2009
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 I just got back from a class I've been taking and I'm really enthused about it.  It's my hobby and newest passion:  Lampglass beadmaking.  For years I have made jewelry as a hobby, using beads that I've purchased.  Many of them I bought during Tucson's Gem & Mineral Shows (which are amazing!).  But now, I am creating the beads myself.

The beads are made in a torch or flame that consists of both propane and oxygen gases.   They are made by melting long thin colored glass rods around a metal mandrel in the flame.   Then the beads are decorated in the flame, too.   There are a lot of variables because different colors of glass have different traits and melt differently.  Also, certain colors react differently:  There are striking colors and colors that change when they are reduced.   After the beads are created they go into a kiln to anneal and temper the glass.

I think one of the reasons I enjoy it so much is,  first, because I find it relaxing to concentrate on what I'm creating, and second, because it is a challenge.  It takes practice to gain skill and actually produce something that you're trying to achieve.  It's definitely harder than it looks. 

I'll try to find some photos to add to this blog entry so you can see the end product. 

Tell me......  what hobbies do you have?



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