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So we've had a few wet weeks and you know what that means..... the weeds have sprouted!  The time to react is now, before they start getting too large to deal with.  The best way to tackle weeds around Tucson is with a tool known as a Hula Hoe.  It cuts the weeds off at ground level if you use a back and forth motion.  It is also useful for straightening out gravel areas in conjunction with a rake.  

Most landscapers here use chemicals that they spray on weeds to kill them off.  Then they also spray chemicals that are pre-emergents (prevents the weeds from growing at all.)  They are pretty effective, and depending upon the concentration of the mix, can last from 3-6 months.  If you get after the weeds now, you might have to do a quick touch-up before our monsoon season begins.

Be careful to protect yourself when working with toxic chemicals.  When finished using them, be sure to store them way out of reach of children.   It's best to keep children and pets out of the yard for a few days after you spray; play it safe.  Also, check labels as there are more and more green products out there you can use that are sensitive to the environment.

As the property manager of my Tucson rental homes, keeping up with weeds seems to be one of my biggest challenges.   Have a plan, stay on top of it, and the job won't seem as bad.  Your neighbors and the homeowners association will be glad you did.

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