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As a property manager, this time of year I get a number of calls about air conditioners not working.   There are a number of items you should check before you call for service.  Some are quite basic and can save you some money for an unnecessary service call.
First, check the air filter.  Usually located in the air handler, it is either a disposable one with a cardboard-type frame, or a washable, reusable metal mesh variety.  Your filter should be either replaced or cleaned monthly.   If it's extremely dirty it can block the flow of air to the system, and can cause it to shut down.  If you have pets this is even more critical, because pet hair and dirt can cause this to happen quicker.

Make sure the power is on to the unit.  Maybe a circuit breaker has tripped due to an electrical overload or a short.  Check the breakers in the main electrical panel.  The circuit for the A/C unit should be identified, and is usually towards the top of the panel.   If the outside A/C unit is located on the ground, go outside and listen to hear if the compressor is working. 

Check the thermostat to make sure it's on the "On" or "Cool" position.
Make sure the cold air returns are not blocked by furniture.
Look for any standing water near the condensate pan.  When the condensate line is clogged the system can back up and stop functioning properly.
After checking these items if the system still does not operate, you may need to call for service on the system.
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